Promoting subject matter expertise that can be used to on internal and external channels, including part of a media or trade publication pitch.

We can write and/or edit the content.

This would essentially serve as the template content after which all other content can be patterned.


We can create a schedule of media posts related to a topic for any channel, and post the content as needed.

This can include the identification of images or videos that should also be posted.


newsletters, websites etc.

Rewrite initial content that fits other channels from newsletters and websites to direct email campaigns.

We can write and/or edit the content and help to place on the appropriate channels, including managing email programs.

Clients would get the opportunity to edit and provide feedback.


Create an internal communication memo that would be shared with employees, board members, volunteers and other stakeholders of large organizations.

This content often should be shared BEFORE similar content is shared with external esources. Examples can include important company announcements and more.

Clients would get the opportunity to edit and provide feedback..


& Media Advisories

Promoting content as part of a traditional media package in an effort to gain exposure and create branded opportunities. Goals would be set in advance for such efforts and could include such things as fundraising goals, attendees, new members, clients, etc.

We can write and/or edit the content and develop these into a direct pitch. Content creation, editing of the content from the client perspective and pitching would be part of the package.


Where core content is an event, we can develop the invitation as a written/printed piece, an email, online invitation using free or paid sources, website event promotion material, a pre-event video and more.